Mark your parts, plates and tags - Fast, Accurately and Safely.

Our Dot-peen units help our customers create professional permanent engravings. If you need to mark metal and can't afford for the mark to rub off - this is your solution!

About Dot Peen Marking

What is a dot peen marking machine?

A dot peen marking machine is an automated device used to produce permanent markings on metal or other hard surfaces. It operates by using a carbide-tipped stylus that is controlled by a computer to strike the surface in a series of dots, forming the desired text or design.

Programs are created with easy-to-use software from a mobile device (Apple & Android) or PC computer. The units are connected via WiFi, USB or LAN cable.

Dot peen marking is fast, efficient - and Permanent.

  • Patmark

    Patmark is the ultimate in portability - offering full cordless units. This range is excellent for small batch or jobbing work.

    Patmark Units 
  • Markinbox

    Markinbox is ideal for manufacturing and high-volume production. Designed to be integrated into your production.

    Markinbox Units 
  • Markinbox BSD

    Essentially a beefed-up version of the Markinbox Units. The BSD (Big Solenoid) offers greater power output for deeper marking.

    Markinbox BSD Units