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MB2015 with Rotary Device

MB2015 with Rotary Device

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Marking Area: 200 W x 150 H
Rotary Chuck

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Marking area

X axis 200mm x Y axis 150mm

Standard cable length


Head dimensions

308mm x 269mm x 249mm

Head weight


Tool and post dimensions

310mm x 370mm x 544mm

Tool and post weight


Material application

Metal (HRC62), Plastics, Papers, Woods


Marking area of X axis 200mm × Y axis 150mm.

The MB2015 unit offers the largest marking area of the range. It is ideal for marking tags, plates and part marking.

This package comes with the rotary chuck and everything required to run it. The MB2s controller is upgraded with a chip to allow it to drive the rotary chuck in sync with the marking head. The cable is also upgraded with additional wires for communication between the chuck and rotary unit.

This package is recommended for marking of cylindrical parts.

The marking head has a dovetail mount on the back and is suitable for mounting on custom mounting stands.

Program from PC software (recommended) or mobile device app. See Markinbox Software for more information.

What is in the box:

  • MB2015 Marking Head
  • Normal Solenoid
  • Stand
  • MB2s WiFi controller
  • 2m cable
  • Power cord

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Markinbox F.A.Q.

How long do pins last?

For most customer, marking everyday for 1-4 hours, typically 1-2 years of life. Normally the pin only needs a regrind to touch up the tip point.

Does it matter if I run the unit and the pin isn't hitting anyting?

YES! Do not do this! The pin should always be operated where it impacts a work piece. "Free Running" the pin can cause the pin head to break off - its carbide - super strong in compression but brittle to tension.


Easy to use WYSIWYG operation.

Quickly create alphanumeric text, auto-incrementing serial numbers, and date stamps.

Mark DXF files, create logos, mark CSV data and create QR and data matrix codes.


QR and fonts






CSV file marking

Power Source & Connectivity

Power Source: Electric, 240v AC

Just your standard power plug


Unit Drawing

Pin Distance From Work Piece Table