Patmark PC Software

Take control of your dot peen marking process with PM Win Software, the ultimate solution for PC-based marking. With its advanced features, you can effortlessly create multiple line markings, incorporate custom logos, generate QR and DM codes, add sequential serialization, and even set an auto calendar for automatic marking. This software also increases the capabilities of your Patmark machine by allowing you to store up to 255 program files that can be easily accessed from your handheld device. Experience a more efficient and streamlined marking process with PM Win Software.

Example Programs

Patmark PC Software - Text
Single Line Alphanumeric Text

Patmark PC Software - multi-line text
Multiline Alphanumeric Text

Patmark PC Software - Logo marking
Custom Logos

Patmark PC Software - QR & data martix codes
QR Code (generated by the software) and Text

Software Details

Types of text

Alphabet, numbers and various symbols

Standard fonts

PM font, 5×7 font

String text marking (marking over window)

Automatic divide function.

Multiple-line marking

Multiple line setting possible up to 30 fields

Text height

Choose from 1mm and 15mm, in 0.1 mm pitch.

Marking force

Enter a value between 0 and 9 (strong).

Font quality

Enter a value between 1 and 9 (high).

Logo marking

BMP and JPG data – browse and trace in Logo Editor

DXF data – auto convert *Only when connecting with a PC"

2D code

QR code (up to 80 alphanumeric characters and symbols)

Data matrix (up to 80 alphanumeric characters and symbols)

Serial numbers

Incrementable from 1 to 9999.

Date marking

Year, month, day, hour, minute, second, Julian date, shift


Storable 255 files into the Patmark memory and storable files into a computer.