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Carbide Pin - 60° Tip angle, High Hardness

Carbide Pin - 60° Tip angle, High Hardness

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  • Carbide stylus pin with a 60° tip angle.
  • Standard Length: 52mm
  • Carbide hardness: HRA93.6
  • Suitable for plastics or fine marking on metals (shallow depth / lower force)

This pin angle is most suitable for plastics. The deformation point of plastics is much higher than metal so a sharper tip angle allows for this to be overcome much more easily without having to increase the force, which can cause an overly wide mark.

The extra hardness would be workable on aluminium or finished steels (think chrome/polished) where a fine mark is desired. If you run this tip on steels with a high force setting its will mark, but it will also get worn down fairly quickley and so is not recommened for the purpose steel marking in general OR in order to achieve greater depth in typical steel marking operations.

You can regrind the tip or we can offer that service if you require, just get in touch.

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