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Carbide Pin - 90° Tip angle, Extra Length

Carbide Pin - 90° Tip angle, Extra Length

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  • Carbide stylus pin with a 90° tip angle
  • Standard Length: 72mm (standard is 52mm)
  • Carbide hardness: HRA92
  • Suitable for marking all metal surfaces up to 62HRC

This is better for finer marking deeper mark on softer metals (ie. aluminium) or can help to achieve more depth on harder materials.

The extra length allows easier marking past the foot guard. It is especially important to ensure the pin is not placed in flexion during marking, as carbide is highly brittle and the likelihood of snapping is further increased over the standard length.

For example: Don't run it over sharp edges (like a 5mm drop off) and articulate the unit when marking cylinders or rounds surfaces to keep the pin perpendicular to the surface.

You can regrind the tip or we can offer that service if you require, just get in touch.

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